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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Friday, 20 April 2012

All is now well

Thank goodness for efficient suppliers.  I only ordered it last night and they (I ordered an extra USB hub at the same time) were both delivered today.  Free delivery as well.  You can't ask for much better than that.  AND it's got a 5 year replacement warranty.

It's an extremely swanky keyboard.  (A Cherry JK-0300 Strait) Works beautifully.

Ultra-slim, ultra-quiet and no sticking bloody keys

It cost $70, but I consider it money well spent.

I don't know why they call it a strait keyboard, as it's obviously the Queen of peripherals.

[edit] And seeing that Richard requested it, here we go.

Here we go Richard, you can fiddle with her keys.  Look out for the Insert key, it's a doozy


  1. This is your shortest post ever. Don't like the new keyboard?
    And where's the naughty picture?

  2. Richard: Your wish is my command. Unless it's a request for cover.

  3. Give me the Cherry 2000 any day.

  4. I learned to type on an old clunky typewriter (I dont think they make those anymore) So I tend to slam the keys somewhat...long story short, my keyboards dont last long at all.
    I find the best way to stupp them up is a liberal spray with SprayNwipe cleaner...yeah it's for bathrooms but I thought.....

  5. I generally find companies with customer service go out of business soon frankly - the big boys buy them up going on about synergy of operations and desire to spread their phenomenal customer service reputation throughout the organization and you know that means, asset strip and lose all the good stuff but keep the brand for a while... am I getting cynical do you think?

  6. @Tempo

    My friend who borrows my computer from time to time makes me wince with how hard he bashes the keys. And if the poor thing deosn't respond *immediately* he starts repeatedly hitting them harder and harder, so eventually we end up with 58 copies of the same thing opem.

    Glad to near about the new keyboard. It does indeed look very swish.

  7. TC: Cherry 2000 was one of the worst soft-porn movies ever made.

    Tempo: I used to find a quick wipe with beer worked well. Why don't you try it on your bath next time.

    Furtheron: That is so cynical it makes me rather proud. maybe we should stop calling you Furtheron, and start calling you Twisted (Northern)English Bastard.

  8. looby: I've also got a friend who thinks that the harder he hits the keys, the bigger the letters, and also the further they go if it's an email.
    When he's emailing the UK, it causes effects on the seismographs.

    Richard: Anytime.

    Alistair: Yes it is. I can hardly wait for the thought-activated keyboard. (You Scottish git) Oh, it already works. Sorry.

  9. Huh - the abuse you get on this blog is - well probably nothing like as bad as I get at home actually.

    Can I move in?

  10. I am so ready for the star trek dictation only mode for computers.

  11. Alistair: Sorry, but no. We are having to ration our abuse now, the management (my Beloved) has put a cap on it. The abuse i mean.

    Laoch: Yep, so am I. I've tried the current generation of voice recognition software, bjut even an error rate of 2% is too high.

  12. Yes but I hardly think that voice recognition technology has reached such a pinnacle of advancement that it can understand a Weegie. You're expecting miracles here.

  13. looby: Are you implying that a well modulated and well educated Glasgow accent is somehow INFERIOR and more incomprehensible than a Scouser, or a Geordie, or a Mancunian or even (god help us) a Brummie accent?

    Mind you have you seen the video?

    You might just have a pont (even though it grieves me greatly to say so)

  14. That video is blocked in my country, it says! But yes, I saw that a few years ago - very funny. My girls liked it too. All of that Burnistoun stuff is good.

    I can now sort of manage most of the time in Glasgow, but when my brother lived in Paisley - my God, that's an accent and a half over there.

  15. Here's one that works in the UK

    "How ken ye be racist tae a left?!" :)

  16. looby: Sometimes I despair of the whole DRM issue, seeing that the video originated in the UK, but cannot be viewed there. Paisley accents can be a wee bit on the rough side, but nothing is as difficult to understand as the Dorric accent from around Aberdeen.

    Or, come to that, a Black Country accent.

    Thanks for the second link.


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