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Thursday, 16 December 2010


Mandatory Party Protective Gear
I tidied out my office yesterday, so the new arriving DP can take it over.  I need a place I can work that is close to the staffroom, so when I'm setting relief I can communicate quickly with our staff.  I also need a computer,printer and room to store all the relief work.

I thought that a new office was going to be built next to our Business Manager's office for her assistant, which would then free up an office for me.

This is not to be, well not immediately at any rate.  Several staff have expressed their misgivings about spending money unnecessarily during these financially tight times, so the whole thing is going to be delayed, and I'll be using the meeting room next to the school office, at least for Term 1.

This might not sound like a big thing, but I hate the uncertainty of it all.  I've got enough to do without this hastle.

The school was lovely and quiet without the kids and there were quite a few staff in, tidying up and preparing for next year.  I did pick up a juicy piece of gossip. On the last day of school, after the prize giving and the staff farewells, about 30 or so staff stayed behind socialising and winding down.

Staff, partying hard
 Our excellent Social Committee had bought in many cases of wine for our enjoyment, and it was great to see everyone relaxing and enjoying themselves.  I left about 5pm, and the party still had plenty of life.  Seemingly, as the party finished, some of our staff took some wine with them.  I'm not talking about a few opened and half-empty bottles, which nobody would have minded, but about 4 dozen unused and sealed bottles of Lindauer sparkling, worth about $15 each.  They were spotted on the CCTV system, and were I think, asked to refund the committee's funds or return the vino.  Bit silly really, and to be fair, a bit greedy.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your office woes TSB(nta,tS). That little room with a computer and phone that can ring cell phones will be missed by form teachers - I wish they'd built you a new office!
    Teachers pinching booze? Naughty!

  2. Thanks Richard[of RBB]. I think the use of the little meeting room will be temporary, I agree it's too useful to form teachers.

    BTW, I'm quite happy with just TSB, you don't have to keep the (nta,tS).

  3. "BTW, I'm quite happy with just TSB, you don't have to keep the (nta,tS)."
    Justification, or explanation, of title is a cultural thing around here (this little blogging community). I don't want to be culturally insensitive.

  4. Maybe those teachers who pinched the booze are trying to organise a staff function for next year to out do this year's cancellation?

  5. Actually, when I think about it, what a bloody disaster!!!

  6. Your organisation is desperately in need of some advice re morale and direction. Call me on.....


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