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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Line Dancing

We had an unusual announcement at morning brief yesterday.  We were told some time ago that our form class structure wasn't working, and that we would probably be going to a vertical form class, where each such class would have a mix of every year group in the school, arranged by house membership.

Then the announcement that a system seen in just one other school would be adopted.  We would be using the timetable line structure to arrange the form classes.
That means that on the first spell on Monday, whichever senior class you get at that time would become your form class.  The junior classes would be arranged slightly differently (not yet specified).

It sounds like a very strange system.  What's happening to the much-vaunted house system? That's not been mentioned.  What happens if the timetable structure changes (as it does quite often in the first month) does your form class change also?  What happens if a teacher changes to a different class? (happened many times this year) what happens if a pupil changes a subject?

It all sounds like an absolute plan for a disaster.

But on a lighter note, I've been having great fun as a member of the timetable committee.  It's bloody hard work, and I've felt like my brain's going to melt-down a couple of times.  But I can drop hints to people about they're classes for next year, and enjoy the reaction. 

WHAT did you say?
Well f*ck me.
It's quite amusing to see a colleague's face go from normal to white to choleric red in about 30 seconds when I casually mention that" I hope you enjoy teaching Dance/Drama/P.E./Cooking/Computing" according to that persons personality and personal characteristics and preferences.  I do make it clear later that I was just joking, but I think I'd better stop.  We're very tight for teaching hours next year, and I don't want to trigger any Myocardial infarctions.  Yet.
Why Men Die First


  1. Ah, the form class thing! The Dancing Bear seems obsessed about changing it. I find the thought of losing my class of three years quite depressing.

    "Why men die first"
    Too true, my wise friend!

  2. that is how form classes work at East, at first I thought I would not like it but I have really enjoyed it - I have really got to know my form class well through teaching them as well. I am sad that they won't be my form class next year but I know that since it my next years form class will also be a class I am teaching I will form a close bond with them as well. There was never one single case of a timetable change effecting someones form class (from a teacher perspective) and if a student changed their class they just stayed in the form class they started with, as it really does not cause any problems


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