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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Friday, 17 December 2010


I can't believe it.
It's been less than 24 hours since I've really been on holiday from the education factory, and I'm bored.

It's gently drizzling, so I can't go out into the garden.
My beloved's at home all day, so I can't get sloshed.
I've read every book in the house, some two or three times.  I can't buy a new one, just in case I get it as a present on the 25th.
The library has 8 books on hold for me, but they haven't come back from the previous borrower yet.  Read faster you bastards.
The TV programs are either stupid, crap, really crap, mind-blowingly inane or repeats.

The real reason my beloved does not like compuiters
The computer is out-of-bounds because my beloved's going through another "The computer is the Devil's Device" phase, and I really don't want to start Christmas with a fight.  Just for a change.
My son has come home and the signs do not look good.
The signs indicate that he's going to move back in with us.  His flat in Wellington seems to get a bit hot and airless in summer, and he can't sleep very well.  It's nice to have him back for Christmas, but I was getting used to just the two of us.  Our routine was established, and it was pretty comfortable, now it'll change again.

It's so boring, I'm going to vacuum the carpets. Again.

I'm not bored anymore.  A nice friend noticed my plight, and sent me this link to a You Tube video.

Cheered me up no end.

I think I'll share it with you all.


  1. How can you be bored at 6.44am?
    Here's a thought, you could dress up as a gypsy and post a picture here. Don't forget that you'll need a gold tooth.
    You could take a page from Fflur's book and bake some cakes.
    I suppose you could hang out at the Nuova Lazio mall like the students do.
    You could take your wife to a movie, and for a coffee beforehand.
    You could visit the fair city of Upper Hutt and count the mullets.
    You could take a drive to Martinborough and visit the vinyards.
    Have you got stairs in your house? You could continuously walk up and down them and get incredible fit.
    You could go for a walk in your swimming togs - that way it won't matter when you get wet.
    You could empty everything from your fridge onto the kitched bench, and then put it all back again.
    You could put your sports car in the garage and paint stuff all over it with water colour paint, then drive it out into the rain and wash it all off.
    You could write a long comment on Second's... oh, that's right the computer is out of bounds.
    You could tease your wife by moving ornaments and things around the house without her seeing.
    You could ring business 0800 numbers and ask complicated questions.
    You could pop down to the nearest old people's home and join in the activities.
    You could dress as a woman and take pictures in the mirror for your blog.
    See, there's a lot you could be doing.

  2. Hey, the gun thing was added after my comment.
    Guns are not good. Why do these scantily clad young ladies find it necessary to play with weapons of destruction? Imagine how big their brains must be. Or are they just cock teasers?

  3. New depths?
    That video has to be the most ridiculous I've ever seen (and believe me I've seen both Richard and Robert's ones).

    Talking of Richard, I see by the above that he is keeping himself amused.

  4. Sorry Richard [of RBB], I was being bored retrospectively. It was yesterday I was bored, but I couldn't blog, because using the devil machine was not on.
    To respond to your suggestions respectively,
    no, no, got one.
    no, too hot.
    no, I might meet a student
    maybe, but they're all crap, coffee's cheaper at home
    no, too many to count
    no, carpet wear is expensive. I'm Scottish, remember?
    No, actually, Hell No.
    Did it yesterday
    Yes it is (except at 7 am, before everyone's up)
    Tried it, she saw, she was not amused....suggested that if I had so much spare time and I had nothing to do, I could dust them instead. Thanks for the bloody advice.
    Can't be bothered, also they might start ringing back
    No. They're either more boring/bored than me, or possibly, Dead.
    That sounds like a good idea, but, my beloved's clothes don't fit. Damn.

  5. Regarding the girls, no they're not cock teasers Richard [of RBB] as you crudely ut it. They're bolt cockers.

  6. The wine guy's up early!
    I'm talking about being out of bed here.

  7. Oh Frabjous day, Caloo, Calay.
    The school just phoned, and need me to come in and do something excessively technical.

    Boredom is gone, work beckons, the glorious addiction of the (Scottish) protestant work ethic sings to my blood.

    Exit, [running]stage left in a large black FWD

  8. So, which teachers tried to pinch the booze?

  9. "So, which teachers tried to pinch the booze?"

    TSB should pick up the surveillance video and post it here.

  10. Sorry, guys, that would be a serious breach of educational and professional ethics.
    I'm surprised you would even ask.
    I refuse point-blank on principle.

    I haven't got it.
    But I've seen the photos.

  11. "Sorry, guys, that would be a serious breach of educational and professional ethics."

    I think that the above doesn't apply to people of our age. We've gone our whole lives doing the right thing. Now's the time to be bolshy. (unless you want to keep your job, assets and freedom that is.

  12. Give us just one little clue - about one person who might have been involved. Make it cryptic.

  13. TC: I'll have you know I'm as bolshy as the next man. I've spent years honing my bolshiness until it's almost become curmudgeoness, but what they did was still wrong.

  14. Of course what they did was wrong. I'm talking about defying the "breach of educational and professional ethics." and outing them.

  15. TC: Oh I see. Fair point, but no. I've got to work with these thieving sods. Well actually two of them,as two have already left.

    BT, be prepared for a diatribe/rant form Richard [of RBB] when he sees the news on:

  16. All credit to Richard for growing up strong regardless of that scrote in primary school.

  17. "I've got to work with these thieving sods. Well actually two of them,as two have already left."
    I know who they are now!


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