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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Snow Sucks

We were supposed to jet off from sunny NZ to cold, freezing Scotland on Christmas Day, but the huge snowstorms which have closed Heathrow and other European airports has thrown a spanner in the works.

It is now extremely doubtful if we're going to get away on time, if at all.  Air NZ is now warning their passengers that if they choose to fly (we're going via LAX) then Air NZ will not be responsible for any accommodation or other help if we get stranded half-way.  They are offering a refund on the tickets, which is I suppose quite reasonable, but I want to see my daughter and my Dad.

We'll just have to wait and see, but the latest news from Heathrow doesn't look too good; they're saying that any delays will continue well past the 25th.  Bugger.

How is it every year the UK gets caught out.

Minister of Transport thinking "What's that white stuff"
Every year that it snows, the powers that be look up and say, "What's that funny white stuff?" and the whole of the UK comes to a grinding halt.
Cars, buses, trains and now aeroplanes.

You think they'd learn that heavy snow =  transport chaos.

Airports in Norway, Sweden, Finland and even Russia are managing to stay open, but not good old blighty.  The spirit of Colonel Blimp is alive and well, "Don't worry Lads, we'll muddle through somehow".

Well they haven't

Here's a nice picture to cheer me up.

Can I open my present now?


  1. I hope the travel thing works out TSB (nta,tS).

  2. Thank you Richard [of RBB], I live in hope.

  3. Actually I don't.

    I live in a perpetual state of gloom, despondency and extreme cynicism.

    Ain't life grand.

  4. Take the refund, set up a Skype connection with Scotland, sit on the deck and correspond in comfort.

  5. The odd thing is it's not nearly as bad as a couple of weeks ago, at least up here in Scotland and it's not snowed at Heathrow since Saturday lunchtime, so it begs the question 'what are they doing down there?'

    Hope it works out.

  6. Thanks TC, my thoughts almost exactly; you missed out the large G & T.

    Hi Alistair, it's funny how the weather varies so much and the local response to it.

    I can only say what has been said in Scotland for centuries:
    "Bloody English"


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