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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Monday, 13 December 2010

Simple Joys

What our friend got for her 80th Birthday
Yesterday, we went to a friend's 80th  Birthday Lunch.  She had arranged a large table at SOI restaurant in Wellington, at Evans Bay.  It was a very civilized method of celebration, good food and drink (I only had 1 beer as I was driving) no mess, all washing up taken away.

What Hugh Hefner got for his 80th Birthday (life sucks sometimes)
Because my beloved's back was still pretty sensitive, we didn't drive there in my FWD, but took her little MX5 instead. (It hurts her back climbing up into my rather chunky Isuzu).
As it was a warm, almost hot day, we put down the top.
As her back was sore, I drove

Racing (within the speed limit of course) along in an open sports car, on a warm and sunny day is a joy.  With the wind blowing through the few strands of hair remaining on my scalp, and the G-forces pulling at the sagging flesh, it was great.  It made me feel young again.
Until my beloved mentioned (with a grimace) that the terribly high speed (95 kph on the motorway) was causing her back to spasm, and could I slow down to sensible speeds.
It was a sports car for God's sake, it was supposed to go fast.
But I acquiesced, it was her car, and I didn't want to cause her any pain.
So I slowed down.

DO you have any idea what it feels like to be driving an open topped sports car on a warm sunny day, being overtaken by grannies on pushbikes?
I exaggerate slightly, but not by that much.
Mature Asian ladies, gripping the steering wheel in a death grip were overtaking us in 20 year old Ford Lasers.
Learner drivers in Smart cars were zipping past us.
Dump trucks carrying laden skips were leaving us in their dust.
Even a guy on a horse trotted past.
But my beloved's pain was reduced, so it was worth it.  Really.

Two more days of school, then my pain will be reduced.
I think we (the Time Table Committee) are going to set up the form classes and the SSR groups today.

T W O   M O R E   D A Y S.

I will survive.

We will survive.


  1. What a hoot!
    I appreciate that the MX5 is your wife's car and the circumstances of needing to keep the speed down but I get a laugh over old jokers driving inappropriate sports cars. Did you unbutton your shirt to your navel? Did you wear a dangler (you can make one from a cocoa tin lid)?

  2. Thanks TC, glad that my poor pathetic life can at least contribute to someone's happiness.

    No I didn't open my shirt to the navel
    No I didn't wear a dangler.(If you're referring to some sort of jewellery, and not anything biological)
    Yes, I had on sunglasses
    Yes, I was wearing a tweed cap (avoids sunburn on bald head)
    Yes, I was driving with my right arm draped nonchalantly out of the window.

    Finished laughing now?

    Sod off.


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