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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Sunday, 5 December 2010


I like having the occasional little drinkie.  Not too often, and not too much.  However my beloved does not always agree.  She seems to think that anything more than one glass of wine a week is indicative of incipient alcoholism, so I do what every married man does.  Lies and hides.

Not really, but I do have a wee drinkie in private now and again.

So when my beloved had an idea of taking a magnum of Huia 2004 Pinot Noir as a present to my relatives in Scotland, I said great, and away she went fossicking amongst or wine cellar.

When she came back, I knew something was wrong.
It wasn't the icy glare
It wasn't the frowning face
It wasn't even the lips clamped in a razor sharp line.
It was the large and empty gin bottle being shaken at my face.

Oh Shit.

But wait a moment, I don't like Gin.  Oh the occasional G & T in the summer, but it isn't my beverage of choice.

Just as my beloved began to ask the question, spittle dripping suavely from her tightening lips, about what THIS was doing hidden behind the wine bottles, I remembered.

I waited until she had finished, and then posed the innocent, yet pointed question.

"Oh Dear, didn't you ask me to put that way so you could use it to make Sloe Gin?"

A moment of complete silence, then the joyous and rarely heard utterance; "Oh"

Sometimes life can be very, very sweet.


  1. At least you didn't have to use a 'get out of jail free' card.

    Phew close call though. Even when you're in the right it can still be a bit scary eh-no?

  2. My cellar is in the basement under the house. Access is external. By judicious placement of boxes and some other heavy items in front of the cellar access I have found that Her Indoors doesn't venture there very often preferring to send me on cellar fossicking duty.
    In our previous house we had a purpose built cellar on the lower floor. The original design was to have a tasting room with a table along with the lock-up walk-in cellar. Somewhere along the line the tasting room extension was changed to a third bathroom/toilet! (as Her Indoors' mother was coming to stay for a few months. If I had got the tasting room I could have slipped away downstairs for a quiet glass or two but it wasn't to be.

  3. Send her to a cousellor. They do marvels!


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