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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Thursday, 23 December 2010


I feel that summer has really arrived.  Last night, even though it was a bit windy, the wind was very warm, I was outside in just shorts and T-shirt at 9pm, and it was quite pleasant.  Unfortunately, it looks like the trip to Scotland is still on, so I'll be saying goodbye to the blue skies and gentle airs of Aoteroa, and hello to the grey slush and freezing winds of Caledonia.

I've lived now in NZ for 7 years, and now consider it my home, I don't want to return to Scotland, but my familial responsibilities demand it.  Summer in Scotland is different and I was trying recently to describe to an old friend in Scotland what the differences were.  I didn't do a very good job when I was speaking to him on the phone, and I think a better way would be simply listing the main impressions each type of Summer made on me.

Summer in Scotland:
Warm winds
Warm sunshine
Midges (small biting fly)
Ham salads
Fluffy clouds
Busy beaches
Sandals and socks
Grey seas
Cold beer
Very long days and sunlit evenings until about 11pm
Electric mowers trimming green lawns
Packed roads
Ice lollies (Ice blocks)
Fish and chips on the esplanade
Cool Irn Bru

Summer in Aoteroa:
Hot winds
Burning sunshine
Extraordinarily vivid blue skies
Empty long beaches
Deep blue water
Cold Chardonay/Sauvingon Blanc
Bright mornings
Petrol mowers trimming brown grass
Easy driving
Ice cream (Hokey Pokey - Thanks Bin Hire)
Chilly bins
Fish and chips on the esplanade
Cold  L & P
Flowering Pohutikawas
Jandals (Thanks Bin Hire)

Please add your iconic summer items to either list via the comments.  I'll add them to the main list, so my friend in Scotland can see them.


  1. Shorts and jandals.
    Women wearing less.
    Hokey pokey ice cream.

  2. Thanks Bin.
    Women wearing less is mostly good, as are shorts, but not particularly (in my view) kiwi.

  3. - Rained out campers.
    - Jet-skis ruining solitude
    - Caravans, boats and camper-vans holding up traffic
    - Ham salads, ham sandwiches, fried ham and eggs and even bloody pea and ham soup.
    - Crap TV
    - Crap films at the cinema

  4. Cherries? Who can afford cherries?
    I'm very happy. I've just finished commenting on every link in Richard's blog except two. One wouldn't let me and the other was just too innane.
    My mission is complete maybe I'll get in the guiness book of records.
    One more beer and dinner.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. I'm unsure as to when you are starting off on the reverse migration TSB but best wishes and safe travel for you and your beloved. Catching up with loved ones is special and worth the effort. On the bright side if the weather is atrocious you have an excuse for checking out the best of the Scottish Malts on medicinal, nostalgic and survival grounds or simply because there was nothing else safe to do.

  6. Thanks to all for your good wishes. I'm flying out on Christmas Day, leaving Wellington at 7pm.
    Hope you all have a lovely time in the warm pleasant weather, while I'll be freezing my balls off in "Bonnie Bloody Scotland"

  7. Actually second, you're right. I was in New World yesterday, and they were asking for $20 for cherries. Pure extortion.

  8. Hello Twisted Scottish Bastard,
    the upper picture illustrating summer in this blog has caused an argument here - is it a painting or a photograph? Hope you get this as I see its a while ago you posted this. thanks

  9. Yak Hunter: It's a photograph. I can't remember where I found it on the web, but I definitely remember it was a photo, because I wasn't sure my self if it was a photo or a painting. Thanks for visiting. xx TSB

  10. Oh well, I lost the argument - I thought it was a painting - something about the flowers. I nicked it from you for my blog - but sounds like you did the same! Thanks for getting back to me. YH.


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