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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Activities 4

Continuing the series of end of term activities in Nuova Lazio High

The Picton Special

This activity is a simple one, but can be the most enjoyable of all the activities.  Suitable for boys and girls of both good and bad behaviour.  Duration: 9am - 3pm

  1. Assemble in Nuova Lazio Car Park.  For safety, the ratio of teachers to pupils should be 1:3
  2. Put kids in minivans and lock doors
  3. Repair to staffroom, coffee and cakes
  4. Back to minivans, drive to Wellington Ferry Terminal
  5. Park vans, let kids out and board the Picton Ferry as foot passengers
  6. Find bar, prepare supervision rota for teachers
  7. Distribute activity packs for students.
    1. Count the Dolphins
    2. Count the condoms
    3. A sick-bag
    4. Count the number of sea-sick passengers
    5. Count the number of times each member of the student group says"Are we there yet"
  8. Teachers not on rota partake of strong drink and (if available) wild women
  9. Arrive Picton, disembark, count kids
  10. Buy ice cream for teachers, kids can buy their own
  11. Wander around for 1 hour observing the delights that Picton has on offer.
    1. Avoid aquarium, boring and slightly dangerous.  Never had the inclination to pet a 5 metre Great White
    2. Student who won the "Are we there yet" competition is given money and told to go and see the "Magic Fish" in the aquarium.  Make sure he understands that to make the "Magic Fish" give him/her his/her wish it has to be rubbed really hard.
  12. Count students and limbs.  If ratio is not 1:4 demand your money back from aquarium
  13. Board ferry
  14. Return to bar and repeat 7 & 8 above
  15. Extra activity of "Polish the Bloody Big Diesel" arranged with Chief Engineer.
  16. Pocket $100 from Chief Engineer.
  17. Disembark
  18. Count kids
  19. Return to Nuova Lazio High
  20. Assemble surviving kids in carpark, and explain to them what an educational experience this has been.
  21. Tell them to wash and polish minibuses before going home.  Confiscate their shoes to stop the little bugger running off (Although that does not always work with Kiwi kids.  The poor colonials seem to like running around in bare feet)
  22. Return shoes when vans clean and tidy


  1. Nothing can compare with your last post - you lifted the bar very high with that one!

  2. "Extra activity of "Polish the Bloody Big Diesel" arranged with Chief Engineer.
    Pocket $100 from Chief Engineer"

    I don't mean to be picky, but I'd expect it to be the 4th engineer's job to clean things.


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