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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Thursday, 14 October 2010


The power of collective bargaining is awesome.  The government asked the PPTA (teachers) back to the negotiating table with hints of something substantial.
The PPTA in a move of good faith agreed, and cancelled the limited industrial action planned for today (The year 11s would be sent home).
Wow, what an offer.

0% increase in pay for the first year.

Expect to see lots more school-age kids in Malls and shops.  I suspect that this strike is going to get very nasty.  Imagine this scenario.
Mummy and Daddy just getting ready to go to work when they hear on the radio that an instant day of teacher's action has been declared.  No school today.  They've got 2 kids.  Who stays home to mind them.  Take them to work?  Find a child-sitter? Throw a sickie?

The country's productivity will go down the tubes.

I wonder what would happen if we refused to mark NCEA exam papers?

Imagine empty universities.  They won't let the students in without their exam results.

What fun.


  1. I will send crows to force the teachers back to work.

  2. Oh Hell, he's back to bloody crows again.

    A bit more avian originality would be nice O Delusional One

  3. 0% sounds like no 11's next Wednesday.

  4. We should refuse to mark the papers, we should send them to Anne Tolley to mark

  5. That's not fair to the kids.
    Do you think Anne Tolley is bright enough to mark anything above Level 1?


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