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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Decision, decision, decision

A Deputy Fuhrer
Yesterday the Fuhrer rannounced at the morning Appell that Nuova Lazio High would be advertising for a new Deputy Fuhrer, but that there would be changes.

Traditionally, one of the Deputies has been responsible for the day-to-day running of the school.  Setting up the timetable, arranging relief covers etc.  For the last 6 weeks, I've been doing part of that job, vis-a-vis the relief cover.

The Fuhrer said that the new Deputy, when appointed, would be responsible for preparing and implementing a statistical analysis of our student's performance, in junior and senior school, and that the relief cover would be done by a teacher, (he made some nice comment here about how well I was coping with the relief job) not a Deputy Fuhrer.

Quick buzz of conversation in the staffroom and then we set of to our classes and I went back to my little office to hand out the relief timetables and lesson material to the relief teachers.

This decision put me in a quandary, and I was thinking about it all day, and after I got home.
Long discussion with my beloved about it as well, sometimes a bit heated.

It comes down to this.

Do I continue doing what I do now, as a Head of Faculty, teaching  (which I really love) about 2 - 3 classes a day, arranging the relief , creating and fixing the reports and supporting staff in using the KAMAR system.  For all of this I get 4MU added onto my basic teacher salary.  (For non-teachers out there, a MU = a Management Unit = $4000 p/a)


Do I apply for the Deputy position, worth (maybe) 6MU, doing stats and chasing down and disciplining naughty kids, but only teaching about 1 class a day.  There would be no guarantee of getting the job.  The current acting Deputy is doing very well, and is respected by staff and (most) pupils, and the only thing in my favour if I applied, is the sex ratio.  We have traditionally had 2 male and 2 female Deputies, and to keep this ratio the next appointment needs to be a male.

I don't mind doing the discipline/pastoral part of the job, but I would really miss the teaching component, and quite honestly getting another 2MU above what I get now does not seem an adequate recompense for the extra hassle factor of dealing day after day with the same silly (and sometimes evil) kids.

My beloved thinks I should go for the Deputy job, regardless of the enjoyment factor.  More money is more money. (and I suspect a little bit of revenge.  My beloved worked for many years as a University Lecturer in Nursing and Health Ethics, and she always really wanted to get back into the wards to treat the sick, but the money was much less, so she continued doing a job she didn't enjoy to make the money we wanted for our family)

Don't know.  Will think on't.


  1. You'd make a great DP.
    Who would look after Kamar though?

  2. "Who would look after Kamar though?

    Probably still me

  3. The more feathers to your cap ... I too think you'd make a great DP. I have heard positive comments about from the most awful student. It appears to me to be a natural progression AND you wouldn't have to do relief.

    The role in the near future is about data gathering for some unforeseen outcome. Raising student achievement level I imagine. So, this means you won't be dealing all the time with the evil spawn. Or will you?

  4. "THE CURMUDGEON said...
    Test "

    What do you mean test?

  5. The three previous comments I have written all disappeared so I thought that I'd check to see if any of my comments were being received or if you had instructed the ether to burn them.

  6. "THE CURMUDGEON said...
    The three previous comments I have written all disappeared so I thought that I'd check to see if any of my comments were being received or if you had instructed the ether to burn them."

    Nope, wasn't me. Sounds like an irate Angry Jesus or just incompetence on your part. Sorry to be so blunt, but I'm practicing in case I get made a DP.

  7. When I was in Japan I accepted a promotion to Head Office in my fifth year which meant I went from teaching pretty much all the time to not teaching at all and doing a lot of administration. It was interesting, and I learned a lot, but I really did miss the teaching.

  8. Does DP get a plasma cutter?

  9. "Does DP get a plasma cutter?"

    Yes, every DP gets issued one to help cut through all the bullshit


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