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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Decision Made

I put in my application for the DPs job yesterday.  It was a difficult one to make, as if I get it, my teaching load drops to about a class a day.  I became a teacher because I really love to teach.  Even after 13 years in a classroom I still enjoy almost every day (there's always exceptions.)  Since I took on the extra relief stuff, I've found that I'm not as focused on the teaching and learning as I used to be, so maybe it's a good idea for DPs to only teach 1 class per day.

Richard [of RBB] seemed a bit preoccupied yesterday, maybe another couple of Ukuleles have gone walkies?

Only another 7 teaching days (minus any strike days) to go before the senior prize giving.  For some reason our little school in Nuova Lazio, where many of the inhabitants work very hard just to keep their familes just above the poverty line, has a tradition of the teachers wearing their Academic gowns at prize giving.  I'm still not sure if it's a good or a bad idea, but I always feel like an idiot, dressed up like a semi-defrocked bishop attending a black mass.
It's good we can celebrate our student's success, and we have a lot of really nice, hardworking kids in our school.  I wish them the very best.  I just wish they'd take some of our loony year 9s and 10s when they go.

Just to finish on a positive note (for once) while I was browsing through the web for some images, I can across this Stone Bowl.  Absolutely stunning.  It comes from the Harris Museum in London (never heard of it before)

Enjoy the bowl.


  1. "Richard [of RBB] seemed a bit preoccupied yesterday."
    Did I?
    I remember spending most of my day with teenagers; nothing much else happened.
    I don't remember seeing you. Oh, I saw you at staff briefing - I was about to volunteer to take that class for the last half of period five, but Ringo beat me to it. Thems the breaks.

  2. ps. I've never worn an academic gown - not one single time in my life. I do have a degree - an honours degree in music. Evidently I have a striking white satin hood.

  3. "Evidently I have a striking white satin hood."
    Have you tried anti-fungal treatment?

  4. Glad to hear you went for it. Giving the calibre of other appointments recently somebody of your calibre must be a shoe in. Unless Lady Mel is keen?
    My gown has a pink hood. Damn you RBB. White has a pure quality, like snow and virgins. Or is it cold and emptiness and endless death?
    Rich was on form yesterday and seemed alot happier than he was on Thursday.
    And bro LEAVE Middle Earth alone, Hobbit's can be dangerous when provoked. Don't be so dramatic leave it for the drama teachers...

  5. Good luck with the application TSB. A friend of mine is a DP at a large Auckland college. He enjoys the job but also likes to do the odd bit of teaching. I say odd because he covers a couple of the classes that no one else will go near. The kind that Richard (of RBB) was in at school. He said that the day after the screening of that Extreme Idiots show on TV (forgotten the name of it) where they set themselves alight, one of his students decided to try that at home. Of course he was too stupid to realise that you have to smear yourself with a non-inflammable gel first.

  6. TC: Setting a student alight.


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