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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

We're Back

Richard [of RBB]'s back from up North, and the rest of us have re-entered the hallowed halls, the sylvan glades and sun-soaked quads of Nuova Lazio High.

As always, no matter how much you plan and prepare, last minute random occurrences knock everything akilter.
Three staff phoned in sick at the last minute, and it was a mad scramble to get all the relief set up, but as usual, our staff were magnificent, with many volunteering to help cover classes.
It was nice to see the students again.  Seriously it was. So many times you'll hear most of us ranting from foam-slicked lips about a particular occurrence from a particular student, but 95% of the kids are decent likable young people.
Mostly nice kids

My senior computing class settled down quickly to complete their last major assessment.  Two especially have produced work of a first rate quality (Yes that's MD and JH if you're reading this guys, well done) utilising some quite advanced techniques in individually designed front ends to a relational database.  It's university quality work, and I'm really quite proud of them. 
Especially as the lazy little sods failed it last year because they didn't finish the documentation. 
Ah well, we always learn from experience.

Richard [of RBB] celebrating his return on his new instrument
I soon settled back into the relentless routine, and I found that I really missed my lazy holiday arrangements.
I missed having a couple of freshly baked scones with my morning coffee.
I missed having a nicely cooked light lunch.
I really, really missed my gentle snooze on the couch at about 2 o'clock.
Trying to get a cup of coffee while 50 other staff are trying to get theirs as you also try to arrange a sudden emergency class cover while telling 6 wet and noisy kids to SHUT UP isn't quite the same somehow.

Only 4 weeks to go before the seniors go on exam leave.  It is usually a lot quieter after that.

Have a nice day.

I really, really, really miss the snooze on the couch.


  1. "I really, really, really miss the snooze on the couch."

    Micro sleeps can help, close your eyes for a second when walking. Or if you get cornered by Richard in the staff room just close your eyes and sleep for ten minutes, he'll think your listening intently.


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