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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sunny Sunday

Gorgeous day.
I'm planning on spending a good part of it in the garden.
With the bad weather we've been having, the weeds are getting out of hand.

My beloved does not believe in "Chemical gardening" so I am not allowed to use weed killers, and have to dig the things out by hand.
My beloved is away to Church, doing whatever it is God-botherers do, leaving me in peace with a cup of coffee and the computer.

I am resisting temptation to go and look at essential things, like NZQA, school web-mail etc.

Dog is asleep on the sofa, sunlight is streaming in the windows, bacon, hash browns, egg and sausage are sizzling, the All Blacks beat the Wallabies (again).

Life sometimes just doesn't get better.
I can forget that tomorrow I pick up the reins of Relief Setting, that I have to arrange the Report Templates, that I am starting on the Timetabling committee.
I just enjoy the moment.

Oops, I smell the bacon starting to burn.
Brunch calls, my beloved will soon be home. I'll set the table in the garden, and we can enjoy an al fresco brunch under the stranger Sun.

Have a nice day.
I will.


  1. I've been to church too. Enjoy your day.

  2. "'Ive been to church too. Enjoy your day."

    Well that just ruined my day Second.

    TSB re weeds etc, try a mix of qtr cup of salt, litre of white vinegar and 1 dessert spoon of liquid detergent. mix and spray (from the latest Listener.

  3. I don't see how drinking that mixture then peeing on them is going to work.

  4. Thanks TWG, it nice to get some positive feedback/comments/suggestions, instead of some God-bothering gibberish.

    N-T, I assume you're an alter-ego of second, who seems locked into fanatic mode. Anyway if you drink the mixture given by TWG let me know how you feel. I suspect you won't be feeling very good.
    I suspect from my knowledge of biochemistry and physiology that if you imbibe the mixture you will:
    1. Vomit profusely (hypertonic saline)
    2. Defecate profusely (detergent will cause Villous Atrophy)
    3. I litre of white vinegar (if absorbed and not vomited) will cause acidaemia and gastric erosion and chemical burns.

    Please, drink it and let me know how you feel. Or your next of kin can send me a death certificate

  5. I'll drink it if you spray your weeds with that mix and don't find they are regrowing in a blink of the eye.

  6. non thinker and I are not related.
    I'm trying to save your eternal soul, I wouldn't call that gibberish.

  7. Don't bet with him on this TSB. Not that I don't have confidence in the efficacy of the Listener's weed spray. its more to do with the fact that N-T/Second has a built up immunity from all sorts of poisons due to many years of home-brew consumption.

  8. Goodnight TwistedScottishBastard.

  9. Goodnight from me too.
    Bin Hire

  10. And The The me.
    The The Guy

  11. Also, non thinker, Second and The Wine Guy.


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