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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Friday, 27 August 2010


End of exams, end of trying to fit everyone into a suitable slot for exam cover or class cover.
Start of sickie month.  We've now got 11 teachers off today, some on courses, some ill, and it's going to get worse.

I was in school until 6:00 last night, trying to cajole some more relievers to come in today, but eventually I had to contact the agency (sounds a bit CIA) to get two for us.
Must be a strange life being a full time relieving teacher, waiting for a phone call each morning, going to different schools every day or week.  School children are really bad with many relievers.  They don't know them, and they have not built up any sort of relationship.  I don't think I'd like that type of job, but some teachers do it for years.  One of those coming in today is a young Canadian, in NZ on a working student visa, and he's going to be teaching a photographic class.  I can understand that, working your way around the world, making enough money relief teaching to keep you solvent and save enough to move onto the next country. (Relievers get $250 per day).

Richard (of RBB) and I know of a teacher here in Upper Hutt, who occasionally works at Nuova Lazio, and who has been doing relieving for many years.  She often complains that we don't use her enough.  Now that I'm temporarily in charge of this relieving business, I've got a list of all the relievers we use, with contact details and comments beside each name.  Beside hers is the comment, O.M.D.B.
See if you can guess.
A prize to the first correct answer.


  1. I don't think O.M.D.B. is a compliment.

  2. The Canadian is a really nice guy and was introduced to NZ High School through Taita, so I imagine today should not be too much of a change of direction. I can't believe the number of teachers away at times. I blame upper management (not you bastard). You have to blame somebody. Then again I can't understand how two senior teachers can have a week of school to take kids to a soccer final. I know it’s national but it is High School, not the Olympics – am I showing any ignorance here? I hope so.

  3. Well done second fiddle, absolutely correct.
    You get a gold star.

    basketmaker, I agree that there seems to be too many teachers out just now. Typical NZ, where sport seems to have pre-eminence over everything else.


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