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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Delights of Going Back To School

No, really, I'm looking forward to going back to school today.


Because there's no bloody children there.

I've got to get back in sometime, to get some work ready for the start of Term 4,
It allows me to escape the velvet clutches of my beloved (Still uncapitalised)

So it's a win-win situation.

Maybe I'll see Richard [of RBB] shuffling about like a lost soul, or even Ringo, if he manages to get out of his coffin in time.
Was that the bell for RINGO?

I'll be heading for my wee office, make sure the light stays off, feet up on desk and have a wee snooze.

Followed by a light lunch of pies and chips and just one beer.

Followed by another little snooze.

Then home.

It's tough being a teacher.

Mr McSween (Metalwork/Dress Design) heading for the staffroom and his mandatory coffee during the Great Cryptosporidium Outbreak of '09.  Nothing ever got between "Big Al' and his morning coffee, not even 568 litres of human (at least we think it was human, it did eminate from the students) waste.  Big Al gained a special place in the hearts of the students. They even gave him a special nickname.  They used to call him "The Evil Bastard"  He's sorely missed, having left to take up the post of "Head Rectum Examiner" in a pig-slaughtering factory in Mongolia.  He says it's much more relaxing than school, but rather similar in outlook.


  1. I'm not going in until next Wednesday - I'll do three days and that's it.
    In fact, I just don't want to know about school this week.

  2. I don't really want to go in either; these are our HOLYDAYS for f*cks sake. In the old times, these were Holy Days, so maybe we're committing blasphemy by going into NLHS.
    Makes it more fun somehow.

  3. I was tempted to ring you at school this morning to say I wouldn't be in.

  4. Dear Twisted, Run it pass me again - why don't you want to go to school today? Isn't your office another version of the Aussie male's shed? Big match coming up - I think it will be a cracker. Lindaxxx

  5. Richard [of RBB]:Just as well you didn't. You would have got a mouthfull.

    Linda: It's the principal of the thing Dear Linda. If I'm getting paid for staying at home, there's something intrinsicaly wrong about going into work.

    Actually, if I didn't need some help in cutting some delicate plywood grooves, I wouldn't have bothered.

    Anyway I've got my own shed, with secret stashes of whiskey, wine beer and blueprints

  6. When I was a teacher (yes, there are a few score of teenagers in London still trying to erase my bizarre teaching methods from their minds), I resented these "training" days beyond anything else. They used to have them on the Friday before the Monday you went back, so it felt like you were being robbed of a weekend. And of course, we did FA, absolutely FA.

    If they want to train us, give the children a day off and do it in term time. About 50 days a year in school are completely wasted anyway so no-one will notice any difference.

  7. looby: Oh, you're a veteran. Did they leave any scars?
    We go through an hour of purgatory every Wednesday, plus about 4 teacher-only days a year.
    Mostly a complete waste of time.
    They do put me in a nicely murderous frame of mind for my next class though.


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