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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Domestic F*cking Bliss

Absolutely gorgeous day today.

The sky was that vivid blue you only seem to get in NZ (Probably the UV coming through the non-existent ozone layer and frying my retinas), a warm and gentle breeze was zephyring up the valley and over the decks.  I had mentioned to my Beloved that I'd be doing some weeding today.

As usual on a Sunday, she went of to the Italian-oriented Godbothering Building, and I stayed at home with a glass of whisky, a mug of strong coffee and a good book to read.

After she came home, we had another cup of tea together, and I had a little nap.(I'm still recovering from the long school term)

It might not lose suction, but vacuuming still sucks.

I then vacuumed the house, from basement to living room, leaving it spotless, and went down to the front garden to start the weeding.

I had just filled a shopping bag with the pulled-out weeds when I began to feel sleepy.

There was no special urgency to the job, so I put away my gardening tools and lay down for a little snooze.

30 minutes later, I was awoken by my Beloved who said:

  1. I had promised to weed the garden
  2. I shouldn't be lying down on top of the duvet with my gardening clothes on.
  3. Why wasn't I working.

As I was awakening from a delicious snooze, and was deeply involved in a scrumptious dream involving Gina Lollobrigida, 3 ducks and some Alfa One Bran Spread, I may have said something intemperate, like:

Bye bye Gina

F*ck of and let me sleep".

Bbut I may have dreamt that.

I know I didn't dream the rest of the day.

It's really quite difficult to exist in a house being kept at -200°C solely by the exceeding frigid glares from my (ex) Beloved.
This is actually quite warm compared to the atmosphere at home at the moment.

Sometimes I really wonder if it's really f*cking worth it.


  1. I am currently grateful for the pissing rain which absolves me of any gardening tasks.

    Sounds like a most interesting dream btw.....

    Ali x

  2. AliX: I pray for rain to stop the garden arguments, but the weather does look fine. Again.

    It was a very interesting dream. I wasn't sure why the ducks were there, but Gina obviously wanted them.

  3. TSB you deserve a rest. For God's sake man, put your foot dow... well, maybe next time.

  4. Maybe you can get back into her good books by offering to clear up that oil slick. Just don't fall asleep on the job. Again.

  5. Methinks the problems started when you had whisky for breakfast.

  6. Richard [of RBB]: I do deserve a rest. Would you be willing to come over here and tell my (ex)Beloved that I cannot be made to work during the holidays?

    Mr Farty: What oil slick? The one caused by dear Gina and the ducks? or the one off the South Island?

    TC: How did you know? Are you gifted with extrasensory perception? or was it the multitude of typographical errors?


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