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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Be Careful. Be Afraid.

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We have to do some research as a part of our Professional Learning, and during my fumbling searches of the lesser known and exceedingly dry academic web sites I came across this.

Be Careful.


  1. Though there are more mental health issues on The Wine Comeinyourpants' Catholic site.

  2. I believe that Gunther, R.M. (U of Minnesota) based his findings on a study of teachers who post on Richard (of RBB)'s blog.

  3. How come politicians don't make the list? They all seem batshit crazy to me.

  4. I knew teaching was stressful, but I didn't realize to that extent. I'm surprised the "nurse" bar isn't off the charts. I had to quit nursing specifically to save my mental health.

  5. Patience _ Crabstick, you've got it wrong. The profession doesn't cause the problem. The study is a measure of the degree of mental illness causing people to enter such professions.

    Shackleford Hurtmore is correct.

  6. Richard [of RBB]: I was flabbergasted by the language and opinions on a so-called "Christian" site. Whether you believe or don't, the predominant message of Christ is "Love thy Neighbour", (And if you remember my neighbour's pretty tasty. See ) not kill the f*ckin' heathens, Protestants, Jews, Muslims and anything not perectly in agreement with their views.

    Including, I understand from their site, any other Catholics who are not rabid anti-gays, who don't mind worshiping their God in English, and who don't mind their Priest being a woman, and considering the Catholiocs score in ordaining a high percentage of paedophile priests, seems entirely the wrong viewpoint to take.

    TC: Possibly, possibly... hey, wait a minute. I post on the bus station.

    Shackleford_Hurtmore: No, no, the study was looking at mental health, not depths of corruption. BTW, I agree about they're mostly a mad as collective meat axes.

    Patience_crabstick: That's because all of you lovely nurses have a great supply of Valium, Phenytoin, Carbamazapines and Phenobarbs. We watch "Nurse Jackie" you know.

    TC: Oh, my head hurts trying to follow the intrinsic corkscrewedness of that statement.

  7. "Oh, my head hurts trying to follow the intrinsic corkscrewedness of that statement."

    Yes? Just talk to a teacher, listen to one talk, or observe while your vacuuming their class rooms! I wouldn't go as far to say they all have Mental Health (and that's another joke) problems.. but ...

  8. What's an "educationalist"? If teachers are nuts, why not them? What's the difference that keeps the former sane?

    I suspect an honest answer would be "someone who was in a classroom for six weeks, got scared by some rude boys who used naughty words, and now writes curly-bound handbooks on how to teach, lecturing on this for £300 a 4-hour day.

  9. Second: If you come in and start vacuuming while I'm teaching, I'll set 10DK onto you.

    looby: Almost spot-on. But it's £400 for a 2 hour day, AND if they manage to persuade those idiots at the Ministry that their research is better than someone else's, then they get the power to completely f*ck up a whole country's education system.

  10. TSB: Noone deserves to have to face 10DK.

  11. Also, why is Sweden exempted from this graph? I've visited Sweden a few times and they all seem normal enough.

  12. Richard [of RBB]: Probably not. But it would be fun to watch.

    Shackleford Hurtmore: 2 points.

    1. Sweden has the highest suicide rate in Europe, and any data from them would skew the results.

    2. The entire graph is a figment of my immagination. I just made it up for fun, to illustrate how stressful I think a teacher's job is, and to demonstrate that people will believe anything if it's:
    a) On the Internet
    b) Graphed
    c) Cited and referenced (even if they don't really exist)

    Check the German-> English translation of Schwachkopf


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