For blogs with less than 300 Followers

For blogs with less than 300 Followers
Thanks to Hestia's Larder for this delightful award.
(For Blogs with less than 300 Followers)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Zen and the Art of Garden Maintenance

Become one with the Universe

Become one with the weeds

Grok that the weeds are plants growing in the wrong place and time

Love the wrong place and time.

Love the weeds

Love the bottle of Glyphosate Concentrate

Embrace the 8 litre pressure sprayer (on special from Mitre 10)

Pump the 8 litre pressure sprayer.

Destroy the things you love

Destroy the weeds

Love the weeds

Love their final agonies

Love the developing browning of their leaves

Bye Bye 10DK

Envisage using Glyphosate on 10DK

Love Gordon's Gin

Love the Lemons on the tree

Love Schweppes Tonic Water (The full sugar version, not the nasty Diet stuff)

Love the Ice, as it symbolises the eternal struggle between order and chaos (and also keeps drinks cold)

Love, Respect and Consume that symbol of Tranquility of Summer; The Gin & Tonic

Repeat the Love

Repeat the Love again.

F*ck the Weeds

F*ck the Garden

Snooze in the sunlight.

Love Life


  1. Nothing better than a relaxing {undisturbed} drink in a garden you've just hacked to bits. It feels like victory.

    I agree about the gin and the full sugar tonic. Diet is rubbish and ruins a G+T {No matter how often my wife ignores my protests when she stubbornly buys it because it's better for me} Don't even mention that crap with the added lemon or lime flavour!

  2. And I'm sure you'll be on this in a sec but CONGRATULATIONS! I am going to go to a pub this afternoon which sells a version of our local (ish) Hawkshead beer which is amde with New Zealand hops.

  3. Richard [of RBB]: Morning Richard [of RBB]

    Alistair: Looking at the amount of thorn-induced blood, it was a victory dearly bought. Yep, that diet stuff makes the taste nasty and metallic, although being able to add freshly picked lemon form our tree adds a certain elegance.

    looby: The entire antion of Aoteroa thanks you. Enjoy your beer. We went out to our local Cossi Club (a cross between a working man's club, a Returned Serviceman's Association and a well appointed drinking barn, where about a couple of thousand people watched the match on about 20 large screen TV, and a nice guy bought me a point of ws really crap, and I'm still not feeling towell, except about the victory of course.

  4. Great post, it is much harder than it looks.

  5. Jardin: Welcome. What's harder, writing a good post or using Zen in keeping the garden tidy?

  6. Hey Twisted, definitely using Zen in keeping the garden... ;)

  7. I toally agree with Jardim Zen

    Twisted, best regards from Cangas

  8. Really nice job. I´m sure I will use it, Twisted.


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