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Monday, 31 October 2011

Activities (Again)

It's that time of the year again, when we try and figure out something for our juniors to do on the last week of term.

The seniors go on study leave (Yeah, Right!) in just over a week, and only the Year 9s and 10s are left in school.  For some reason it's traditional out here in NLHS to arrange some "fun"activities to keep the young'uns occupied during the last week.

Here's an idea.

Keep the little buggers working.
Keep working, and you too could become an Angel with a watering can. (Who the f*ck thinks these things up?)

Do you think we're doing them a service by letting them slack off during the last week?
Can you imagine how their future  employers (if any) would react if they just refused to do any work in the week before their holidays? They'd sack them in an instant (unless they worked for the local government, then nobody would be able to tell the difference)

Do you think the All Blacks would have won the RWC® of fame and legend if they'd slacked off during the last 10 minutes?
("It's OK guys, we finish in 10 minutes, so we may as well pack up now")
Unfortunately, nobody listens to me.

I've heard the mumbled comments.
"Grumpy Old Bugger"
"Whingeing Pom"
"Slave-driving Bastard"

And that was just from the pupils.

The staff comments were much harder to take with equanimity.

"Grumpy Old Bugger"
"Whingeing Pom"
"Slave-driving Bastard"
"Can I have the last week off, TSB?"

We should be setting an example the National Government would be proud off (We're having a General Election next month)
Work them twice as hard, no time off, less pay, and you're not allowed to complain (We've won the RWC®, so we're not allowed to moan)

Nope, not them

Not this time guys.

Oh Yeah.  (What on Earth is Ringo doing in the background?)

I will however, put my mind to some alternative pursuits for the juniors over the next few weeks, and I'll let you all know what delights I've imagined for the lovely young pupils.

Take care, and have a nice day.

In the (almost) words of my favourite TV show, "Hill Street Blues";
"Do it to them, before the buggers can do it to you"



  1. Maybe you could teach them useful "off-curriculum" life-skills, such as; how a 419 scam works, the correct temperature to serve gazpacho soup, how to open a beer bottle using a belt buckle, and how to undo a bra one handed?

  2. A good reading assignment is always nice. With accompanying essay.

  3. That's why I have no compunction about taking our girls out for eight days before the half term so that we can go on holiday abroad (it's too expensive to have holidays in my own country any more). A whole serengeti of time is wasted in English schools with non-subjects like Learning To Learn and Citizenship. And several days when they come home and say, enigmatically "Oh, we just watched a video".

  4. It's bloody lazy school teachers that is the problem. School is for book learning, and reading The Bible.

  5. May I suggest a trip to the local courthouse to see law and order in action. Whoops I'm on a roll .. doing Jury Service this week.

  6. Shackleford Hurtmore: Sorry, a bit too basic for our lot, they're way more advanced than that. Some of them are up to Level 5 in car striping, and possibly level 6 in weed-growing and concealement.

    See activities
    and finally

  7. Patience_Crabstick: No, sorry we just don't have the time. We'd have to teach them the alphabet first.

    looby: Well done; it's postive attitudes like that, that have made Great Britain the World Superpower it is today.

    Mind you I tend to agree about the "Learning To Learn and Citizenship. " *retches into bucket* smacks of educationalist meddling to me; but dammit, it's the principal of the thing. Extra holidays have to be condemned on the spot. If I can survive on 12 weeks a years, so can they.

    Vis a vis the videos, I feel for the poor sods. I don't let my lot watch videos at any time, but I do let them play games on the computers for the last lesson of the year, well at least the last 10 minutes. Sometimes I think I'm getting too soft.

    AJ: Piss off, with absolutely no respect intended. Go and play on the railway line like a good little martyr. If you're very good I'll even provide 5 litres of petrol and some matches to keep you warm; can't say fairer than that.

  8. VG: Well done; it's nice to see the little ladies doing what they can in the support of their civic duties. I do hope you made his tea when you got home. And warmed his slippers of course.

  9. Nah not in my house TSB. He does that for me. I have him well trained.


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